How big do the springerdoodles get? Girls will stay 45-55 lbs and boys 50-65 lbs. Watson is 65 and our English springier spaniel are 45-50. We have f1 type. This means they are born all the same.

Are the springerdoodles hypoalergenic?

Yes but doodles of any kind are not 100% hypoallergenic, only a pedigree poodle is 100%. I can tell you that past customers have told me they have had no allergy problems with the Springerdoodle when they did have issues with Goldendoodles. This is because the English Springier Spaniels do not shed as much and their dandruff is better for most people.

Springerdoodles do not shed like a spaniel and therefor they need their hair cut. Their hair is more like ours.

Where are you located?

We are located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York .

Do you deliver? We will not send puppies on an airplane cargo. Deliver by car can be made to certain areas in the below states for a fee. That includes meeting part of the way if you live further.

New York


New Jersey




What puppies do you have available? The website is updated at least once a day and all the pictures are labeled with what puppies are available or sold. If a deposit is being sent but hasn't been received yet the picture will read as pending.

Can I purchase a puppy to breed? No, all of our puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract.

What veterinarian care will my puppy come with? We receive excellent care from

Bellport Animal Hospital located in East Patch NY. http://www.bellportanimalhospital.com/

We highly recommend them for all your puppies needs. Your puppy will be up to date on shots. Our Poodles will have their tails cropped to show length but our Springerdoodles will keep their full tail. You can order a cropped tail if you let us know and place a deposit before pups are born. Our puppies are given preventive care to avoid any problems. Such care includes but is not limited to given nemex at 3/5/7 weeks etc. Each puppy is checked by the veterinarian individually and will be given a certificate of health. We feed our pups a grain free diet of Blue Buffalo Freedom for puppies.

Where do you keep your dogs? Our dogs are our pets, as such they are left lose in our home day and night.

When will you have another litter? We rarely know an exact date when the next litter will be available. We leave at least 1 year between litters per mom for the optimum heath of our mother dog and pups. But if you like we can put you on a waiting list for a future litter.

What benefits are there if your go on the waiting list? If you decide to go on the waiting list you will be contacted when the next litter is born. Depending on when your deposit is received you will be given a place on the  priority  list to choose which puppy you want within a given timeline. The timeline is so other people can choose too.   Once you choose you will be guaranteed  that puppy. You can switch your puppy to another available puppy if you choose.

What payment methods of payments do you accept? We accept cash, check, money order or paypal. PayPal payments are subject to a transaction fee.  A personal check must be cleared 2 weeks  before pick up or delivery