I am an AKC member, experienced breeder located in Suffolk county, Long Island, New York. I love my dogs and am very involved with their welfare, health and training. My dogs are a big part of the family and stay in the home with me as pets. They even sleep in my room. I give them a corn, wheat, and white potatoe  free diet. The puppies are raised on American Journey for puppies. The puppies get lovingly handled throughout each day. They also receive early neurological stimulation and are exposed to different noises such as the television, music, banging, and water. I gently expose them to baths and dryer. Lastly, I start basic potty  training  to use a litter box from day one to try to make it is easier on the new family.


Breed Info

Bread: Springerdoodle Aka Sproodle

Origin: a designer dog breed (aka hybrid dog breed). The breed is a cross between the English springer spaniel and the Poodle. Over the years the purchase of Springerdoodle puppies have grown in popularity due to their compatibility with other pets and their love for children. They make fabulous family pets. Also Springerdoodles are extremely intelligent and highly trainable

Color: varies- black, red, liver, brown, gray, silver, apricot, white, cream
Size: medium  
Coat:  slightly curly, hypoallergenic-very little to no shedding
Other: smart/easy to train

Bread: Poodle Standard

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Temperament: Affectionate, Active, Alert, Attentive, Cheerful, and Intelligent

Color: black, red, gray, silver, brown, apricot, white, cream

Size: Medium-large

Coat: Medium- long length curly non-shedding, hypoallergenic, requires regular grooming

Origin: Germany

Bread: English Springer Spaniel- Field-bred

Lifespan: 10.5 to 15 years on average

Temperament: Affectionate, Active, Alert, Attentive, Cheerful, and Intelligent

Color: Liver and white

Size: Medium Coat: medium length with feathering on the legs and tail

Origin: England

 Other: Field-bred dogs are selected for sense of smell, hunting ability, and response to training which makes them good hunting dogs.